We are not that different

Today at 5 p.m. I decided to take a walk. Lately I have been exercising for 30 minutes, just to relax during this captivity period. I know, an hour is best; but 30 is better than nothing. To my surprise, my daughter Sofi came along, and we had a grand time even with social distancing measures. The day was sunny, windy, beautiful.

One of our neighbors had Sting’s “Dessert Rose” song full blast while exercising in her stationary bike. And Sofi asked me: “Is that Sting?” “Oh, you recognized him?” – I answered.

She replied: “Yes. But my favorite song of his is Ghost Story.” And we both started singing it on our way back.

Now I have it like a worm in my mind, and instead of washing my hands to the tune of Happy Birthday, I use some of Ghost Story’s lyrics:

“And all these differences

A cloak I borrowed

We kept our distances

Why should it follow

I must have loved you?”

– Ghost Story, by Sting

Sofi has the voice of an angel.


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